In The Keep Podcast - #16 Carnevil (Skulltag/Wrack: Exoverse)

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In The Keep Podcast - #16 Carnevil (Skulltag/Wrack: Exoverse)

Brad “Carnevil” Carney is the founder of Final Boss Entertainment, creators of Wrack and its upcoming reimagining (Wrack: Exoverse) which is an ambitious rouge-like tower defense first person shooter. Carnevil is also well known for his work on the multiplayer Doom port Skulltag. Thus, we are joined by Dew & HumanBones of the Multiplayer Doom Federation, to help us dig a little deeper into what made Skulltag such a household name in the online Doom community. This interview took place at Quakecon: Year of Doom.

Artwork by Haducant/Spaced


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