In The Keep Podcast – Chuck Jones @ Realms Deep 2020

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In The Keep Podcast – Chuck Jones @ Realms Deep 2020

Chuck Jones (Senior Character Artist at 3D Realms) is the unsung hero of Homeric proportion behind some of the most prolific & enduring characters in video game history. His career began with Rise of the Triad & Duke Nukem 3D before moving on to Valve where he created Gordon Freeman & the G-Man while working on Half-Life which flourished into modeling on Team Fortress & Counter-Strike. His talents carried him many places including Warner Bros. for Lord of the Rings: War in the North & Guardians of Middle Earth. Chuck has now returned to his throne at 3DR where he is currently working on the recently announced Graven.

Chuck Jones

Fred Schreiber

Editing by Haducant, Vince Steel, RedEyesGreenDragon

Assets provided by Jehar of

Realms Deep 2020


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