Doom Is Dead? Podcast - #13 Dsparil (Doom 2 Pro)

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Doom Is Dead? Podcast - #13 Dsparil (Doom 2 Pro)

Dsparil is one of Doom multiplayer’s fiercest competitors who also just so happens to be one of the friendliest guys around. Dsparil is widely regarded by his peers as one of the strongest players in the game right now. He's been an active participant in several seasons of the World Doom League & the Doom Masters League, establishing himself as a menace throughout the regular season and the playoffs. He also performed strongly in both Take The Crown events in 2020 - winning the second qualifier of the duel event & placing in the Top 8 of the FFA event. Dsparil is also a well-established figure of the Jumpmaze scene, a racing mod which focuses on pure movement speed and skill. From there it was only a small leap to the world of speedrunning, where he's been quickly building a reputation for himself in recent times. As of today, he holds several episode run records for Ultimate Doom.

Dsparil WDL Record:

Multiplayer Doom Federation:


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