Going The Social Distance

Organizing an eSports Tournament for Charity

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Going The Social Distance

While we realize that now is a troubling time, we've chosen to release this podcast in the hopes that some may find it to be a brief break from current events. Please stay safe out there. Practice the Golden Rule and keep an attitude of gratitude.

On 16 May 2020, we organized a Warfork duel event and giveaway which helped to raise $438 for the Florence Nightingale Foundation. Nightdive Studios, The Meta and Blazing Bit Games donated a total of 30 steam keys for their games to be offered as a viewer incentive!

For this podcast, we're joined by Donkey, Zeb, Spaced, GelmoSan and Haducant, whose tireless efforts helped take this event from a concept to a reality. As Apostles of The Keep, these guys work their asses off to create a happy, healthy environment with rich content for the Arena/Retro FPS gaming scene.

Here is the full VOD of the event's broadcast:

And here is the demo package.

Thank you to those who donated their hard earned money!
YOU TOO can give to the Florence Nightingale Foundation.

Thank you to those who donated keys for the giveaway:

Nightmare Reaper

The Meta

Nightdive Studios

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