In The Keep Podcast - #21 RottenRose (TastySpleen)

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In The Keep Podcast - #21 RottenRose (TastySpleen)

“Krista 'RottenRose' Popa is a talented lady known & beloved in the community not just for her vast range of contributions across the board, but also for being a bit of a 'Quake mom' to many with her sweet & strong spirit. RottenRose joins The Keep to discuss everything including her beginnings in Quake 2 after meeting Jehar, a 'more eloquently told' story of how the two of them became engaged, her stylish crafting & beautiful community artwork, and some great stories from her times being a tournament admin including one involving a bowling ball and a staff dormitory! Also discussed is her involvement with Tastyspleen & Tastycups, the vision behind her founding of the HoneyBeez, her recent experiences at QHLAN, and so much more!” - Violentheart

Artwork by Haducant/Spaced


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