In The Keep Podcast - #N64 Immorpher (Musician/Biophysicist)

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In The Keep Podcast - #N64 Immorpher (Musician/Biophysicist)

Immorpher is a dark ambient composer creating soundtracks for Quake & indie titles. When he’s not designing desolate soundscapes, he works as a biophysicist studying COVID19 & nuclear magnetic resonance at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory. This episode is a celebration of the FPS titles of the Nintendo 64 – especially DOOM 64 – while going on tangents on everything from the professional wrestling industry to transhumanism & climatology. ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK!

Artwork by Haducant/Spaced

Music by Immorpher: Buy it, share it, enjoy it!
Check him out on YouTube.

Doom 64 Discord

Immorpher on Quakecast.

More info on Realms Deep 2020!


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