In The Keep Podcast - #65 Scumhead (Shrine 2)

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In The Keep Podcast - #65 Scumhead (Shrine 2)

Scumhead has published 5 games since he started developing at 15, is already working on his 6th & he is only 19 years old! Starting out in RPG maker making games like Mothlight & Orogenesis as Samu, he moved on to working in GZDoom creating Shrine, a short Lovecraft-inspired game full of grotesque body horror & ethereal metaphor. Recently he’s released Shrine 2 (with programmer Mengo) which will be featured at Realms Deep 2020 while we wait patiently for Vomitoreum.

Artwork by Haducant/Spaced

Download Shrine 2 for GZDoom.

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Follow Shrine 2 co-creator Mengo on Twitter as well!

Rainbow Bunchie on YouTube.

More info on Realms Deep 2020!


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