Pigeon Classic Contributor Info

Pigeon Classic Contributor Info

Press Release: https://inthekeep.com/pigeon-classic-2021/

Pigeon Classic Logos: https://inthekeep.com/content/images/pclogos.zip

If you would like to perform something live for the event rather than pre-recording, please reach out to GelmoSan#0001 in Discord and let him know your preferred dates/times. Even if you don't plan to do your show on the In The Keep channels, we want to know when you will be performing so we can adjust schedules, direct viewers, etc.

Direct link to the donation page (useful for chat commands): https://donate.tiltify.com/+in-the-keep/pigeon-classic-iv

Direct link to the campaign URL: https://tiltify.com/+in-the-keep/pigeon-classic-iv

We have configured this as a "team" campaign in Tiltify. Therefore, if preferred, you can create your own campaign at Tiltify that benefits our team campaign. With this, you can have your own overlays, incentives, and donation URL from Tiltify, all of which will still ultimately lead to the Pigeon Classic campaign. You are not obligated to do this, though. We will be updating this page with a variety of overlays and such related to the primary campaign.

In The Keep Press Kit (logos in all color variants, as well as an Inkscape SVG): https://inthekeep.com/content/images/ITKPressKit.zip

Important note: The In The Keep text logo, while similar to existing fonts, is unique and will be difficult to reproduce. If you would like me to prepare other text with the same modified font, let me know and I will do so. That being said, you are welcome to write In The Keep any way you want/need to fit your stream's design.


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