QuakeCon 2020: DOOM Tournament VODs

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QuakeCon 2020: DOOM Tournament VODs

QuakeCon @ Home was certainly an entirely unique and unconventional event. Never before have so many been able to participate cause... well typically its an exclusive event requiring travel, lodging, security, vacation time, etc.

One group of folks who always go the extra mile is the classic DOOM community.

Doom community photo from Quakecon 2019 aka Year of Doom

This year was no exception. In fact, we broke out the big guns, seeing several amazing tournament streams culminating in the Multiplayer Doom Federation partnering with the incomparable KingDime to show the finals of the Take The Crown Doom II FFA Tournament on Bethesda's official Twitch account.

Here we've compiled VOD's of all the must see competitive action for those who missed it and those who want to relive it alike:

Tastyspleen's Doom 2 TastyCup (Duel)


Mutiplayer Doom Federation's Take The Crown Doom II FFA Tournament

KingDime: A Stages

In The Keep: B Stages

Xenaero: C Stages

Multiplayer Doom Federation on Bethesda: Finals

World Doom League's Demonsphere Championship Classic X Finals (CTF)

We've created this PLAYLIST on YouTube for your viewing/sharing pleasure.

Thank you to ALL who participated in this years events!

Thank you to Tastyspleen, KingDime, Mutliplayer Doom Federation, World Doom League, Odamex, ZDaemon, Xenaero and Bethesda for making it happen!


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