DOOM: How Fans Helped Build the Lore (Lore Party Podcast)

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DOOM: How Fans Helped Build the Lore (Lore Party Podcast)

So... One day back in May, I - TheMotherload - was minding my own business when I received a message from some guy:

Now at the time I was not familiar with Lore Party Network. I quickly took a look and was blown away by some of their amazing content: the main show Lore Party which features a rotating cast of analysts breaking down the lore of various games, a show ALL about The Witcher Netflix series called Wind's Howling as well as another Minigame "bite-sized" series. Since then they've even introduced a series all about the lore of Dune called Gom Jabbar.

The Lore Party Network is the brain child of one Abu Zaffar (roughly translated: 'Daddy Wins') who has set the bar HIGH for folks like myself who aspire to create niche podcasting networks.

You know me... High tide raises all ships right? So I jumped at the opportunity which leads us to this episode where I attempt to help hosts Bruce Walton and Conner Howard in their ongoing effort to break down the loose and convoluted story of id Software's DOOM.

How Fans Helped Build the Lore — Lore Party Podcast Network
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It was an absolute pleasure to work with these fine gentlemen on a project that was totally out of my wheelhouse. Followers of In The Keep Podcast know that I am something of an improvisational interviewer. I prioritize the conversation happening in a 'natural' state with very off-the-cough questions and thoughts. Our show can run as short or as long as the guest needs to say what they need to say.

Lore Party is a horse of a different color. These guys are absolute professionals with Google Docs, scripts, timelines and all sorts of new age-y techno-tools which made me feel downright incompetent at first. It turned out to be an insanely fun experience pushing me completely outta my comfort zone and I am proud to share the final product with all of you today!

This also led to our recent collaboration on episode 56 of In The Keep featuring a friendly debate on the merits of DOOM Eternal between Conner and Bruno Beaudoin (developer of Nightmare Reaper) which was also a blast!


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