In The Keep Podcast – Bachelor Party 2020

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In The Keep Podcast – Bachelor Party 2020

This is a very personal recording from TheMotherload’s childhood best friends. Jakob Weaver is celebrating his bachelor party with best man Dylan Deeg, minister Ty Brannan (TheMotherload) & brother-in-law Jake Adams. Recorded in a suite at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Biloxi, MS, we’re chatting about everything from physical & mental health to gaming, music & pro wrestling. This one is for the fans.

Dylan's father - Kenny Deeg - is great man who cooked many meals, showed a lot of love, kindness and encouraged all of us to follow our dreams. He's fallen on hard times in recent years with health issues that have cost him his job & home. Please consider supporting our GoFundMe to help get him into a better situation.

Young Dylan, Kenny & Iza

Music by Haducant


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