In The Keep Podcast – #91 Vince Desi (Running with Scissors)

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In The Keep Podcast – #91 Vince Desi (Running with Scissors)

Vince Desi is the founder & Chief ROD Officer at Running with Scissors, creators of the game series Postal. Vince has been involved in game development since the 80’s, publishing titles on the Atari for a diverse array of IPs including Hanna-Barbara, Sesame Street, Warner Bros, Disney & the WWF (WWE). Here we discuss his life, philosophies, values & what he’s learned from a 40 year career in the business of creating games.


Vince's framed newspaper articles
Vince's beautiful mother <3
"Footprints", a gift from Vince's dad
Flag awarded to RWS for donating games to deployed soldiers in Iraq, Vince's father's dog tags from WW2, Vince's reflection
The RODS, Vince on far right ;)
Krotchy with his newfound love Kunny (gifts to ML from Mike & Vince)
Vince (left) & Mike J (young, bald & sexy)

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